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Wed Oct 23 06:56:37 EST 1996

In article <54krb4$no6 at lion.embl-heidelberg.de> Ramu Chenna <chenna> writes:
>   Looks like DATASET works when the sequences are in individual files  with 
>   gcg format or the sequences are from the existing gcg library!
>   Is there a way to use dataset for a file which contain all the sequences
>   in gcg format ? 

But you cannot put more than one sequence into a GCG sequence file :-(

The closest you can get is to make a "file of sequence names" or "list
file" that lists all the individual sequence files, then use the
"@filename" syntax.

GCG 9.0 has a FASTATOGCG program that converts FASTA format files
(which can have more than one sequence just for this program) into
GCG libraries.

EGCG 9.0 was going to have a similar program (with the same name).  I
am still looking at the differences. It now will be called EFASTATOGCG.
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