Gibbs on DEC Alpha OSF/1 ?

Guy Bottu gbottu at ben.vub.ac.be
Wed Nov 20 12:34:10 EST 1996

We had a long time ago installed the program Gibbs from the NCBI
(makes local gapless multiple alignments) on our computer
(a DEC Alpha). We had written a GCG-like "shell" to make its
use easier for our users.

Shortly, we upgraded our operating system to OSF/1 Digtial UNIX 4.0
and since then, Gibbs does not work anymore. It exits with an
"Out od Memory" error. Of course, the doc says that Gibbs has only
been tested for IRIX and SUN. So, my question is, has someone
experience with porting Gibss to (the latest version) of OSF/1 ?

	Guy Bottu

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