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Hugh Salter hugh at molbiol.ox.ac.uk
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In article <1996Nov11.213604.47107 at yogi.urz.unibas.ch>, burglin at ubaclu.unibas.ch writes:

>> Hi,
>> I was wondering if there is a terminal program
>> that can spool a file directly to a postscript printer
>> on a Macintosh, or if the GCG command Lprint can be
>> tweaked.

We do this on VMS by running Pathworks, such that all the universities
appletalk printers can be spooled from the VMS server; the graphics setup

       Language: POSTSCRIPT
         Device: LASERWRITER
  Port or Queue: |PSPRINT

then autoprints, where PSPRINT :== PRINT /FORM=PS_PLAIN, and SYS$PRINT is
defined at login - and lprint can be used for text files if necessary.

On our unix system, we do this by defining $PRINTER to be a networked
printer, either directly, via an lpd elsewhere (if necessary, on the
mac itself) or by cap. This makes

       Language: psd 
         Device: LASERWRITER
  Port or Queue: |lpr

work directly, and a2ps can be used to filter text to postscript.
The syntax inside WPI is a little different.

All this assumes that your printer is networkable from the GCG box, of course,
but can be used outside GCG as well. If necessary, you can run an lpd on the
pc or mac, and then you can print to anything from anywhere...supposedly.


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