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burglin at ubaclu.unibas.ch burglin at ubaclu.unibas.ch
Mon Nov 11 21:36:04 EST 1996

> Hi,
> I was wondering if there is a terminal program
> that can spool a file directly to a postscript printer
> on a Macintosh, or if the GCG command Lprint can be
> tweaked.
> Following situation.
> We are running GCG on a VAX under VMS.
> To access the Vax, we use terminal program like Telnet for the 
> Macintosh.
> Now, I just noticed, that one can use Lprint,
> and it actually prints on the locally chosen printer.
> However, when I use this command with Telnet,
> Telnet indeed spools the file to the printer selected
> in the chooser.  However, as usualy, the whole
> thing gets automatically embedded in postscript commands
> by Apple's drivers, and I get a printout of
> all the postscript commands that the genetics package
> already generated.
> So,
> has GCG thought of this?
> Is there a way to print through an attached printer?

Well, I found a solution myself,
there is another command:


which will do the same, except it just sends the ascii,
no postscript embedding.

(of course that doens't help for non-ascii files),
but it does what I needed.

Thomas Burglin

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