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In article <Pine.SUN.3.95.961101104736.8861A-100000 at london.biology.lsa.umich.edu>, ijohn at LONDON.BIOLOGY.LSA.UMICH.EDU (Isaac John) writes:
>I think "DNA Star" does better than pretty. It is PC based and very simple
>to use.

This isn't exactly on topic, but if you do use GCG/EGCG, and if you have
obtained (it's free) and installed my CGM driver for GCG graphics, then
when you send do a PRETTYPLOT to produce a graphic you end up with a CGM
file, which you can import into many Mac and PC programs and it will be
made up of OBJECTS (text, lines) rather than a zillion tiny line segments. 

The driver is at:

I bring this up again, because one reason people keep asking for PC/Mac 
software is so that they can modify the resulting plots easily - a problem
that the CGM driver addresses.  (Of course, the program must use GCG
graphics - prettybox, for instance, goes straight to postscript.)


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