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> Until recently, we mounted the full GCG database suite locally.  Then we ran
> out of disk space.  We are now considering whether to permanently stop
> mounting the databases locally, or to increase the disk capacity of our
> system to once again contain the databases.
> I am intersted in the experiences/soutions taken by other sites.  In
> considering this issue, some users report that they can search the public
> databases more quickly than they had been able to search the local databases
> previously, and they worry that as the size increases, searching speed will
> decrease further. 
> I would very much appreciate hearing from users and system administrators on
> this subject.   
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         This is from downtown Philadelphia ! 
         We maintain all the databases locally. Genbank is updated weekly.
We work with a SGI and till now have the databases (GenBank, Genpept, PIR,
Swiss) on one disc and PDB on another.I will shortly have to move the
protein databases to accomodate GenBank.
         I am curious how the GCG programs will work without local
databases. For eg. 'stringsearch' or even 'fetch' ? Ultimately, ofcourse
all these
programs will have to work over the network.


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