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>         We are trying to become less dependent on the GCG package, 
> especially since many PC- and Web-based programs provide parts of its 
> functionality and the fees/costs of maintaining GCG have not declined in 
> a noticable way. Our only "missing link" in making graphically enhanced 
> sequence alignments in the function of PRETTY - identification of similar 
> amino acids, as defined by a similarity matrix such as PAM250, and 
> labeling of the identified ones with uppercase.
>         Does anyone know of any stand-alone program/macro/script that 
> would perform this function? TIA.
>         Les Klimczak
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I've had good luck using a program called "clustalW" on my mac.  I believe
it uses a similar algorithm to PRETTY to find amino acid similarities
between proteins.  It also has the capability of formatting its output in
several file formats.  I believe the version I use currently is 1.6. 
clustalW on my mac is usually quite a bit slower than PRETTY (running on
sgi platform), but it fits the bill sometimes.  In a cursory search, it
looks like you could FTP clustalW from the following site:


This is of course a mac version, but I think it comes in all the popular
flavors.  I hope this helps.

Scott Givan
University of Oregon
Institute of Molecular Biology
givan at molbio.uoregon.edu

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