Transfac databases

Nick Staffa Staffa at NIEHS.NIH.GOV
Thu Mar 28 12:07:59 EST 1996

(This is my second posting using netscape mail service, since I do not 
see my first neither on the info-gcg web page nor in my mailbox)

I have been exploring the site 
They maintain a database of profiles of transcription binding sites
along with other data.  I am interested in this because I would 
like to do a profilesearch using profiles of binding sites.
The profiles that  Transfac gives are not acceptable to GCG.
If I could get at the aligned sequences that were used to generate
the profiles at Transfac, or even the raw sequences in an IG file,
I could create my own GCG profiles with profilemake.
Although these files are alluded to, I could not discover them after
many hours of searching. I thought they might be included in the
download of MatInspector,but all I found was one or two examples.

Does anyone know how to get at the aligned sequence files used to 
create the profiles at Transfac?

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