telnet w/tek emulator for Win3.1

Dr.Greg Quinn jquinn at nntp.best.com
Wed Mar 27 23:15:28 EST 1996

John Rogers (jorogers at blue.weeg.uiowa.edu) wrote:
: I am using a 486PC in my lab with Windows 3.1 and Trumpet Winsock to
: connect by ethernet to a VAX computer running GCG Vers. 8.0.  I have used
: NCSA Telnet 2.6 or 2.7b on a Macintosh to emulate tektronix 4014 and 4107
: terminals that can be configured using the 'tek' command on the VAX.
: This is useful for graphical output from GCG such as dot plots or
: phylogenetic trees.  Is there a good telnet program with a tektronix
: emulator available for Windows?  NCSA is apparently not developing a
: comparable program for Windows machines. I am currently using WinQVT
: because it supports copy/paste and was relatively easy to configure.

Surely, the freeware version of Kermit includes both a Tek and VT 
emulation? (later versions of Kermit could be used over both a serial or 
net connection).

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