Peptidic map with MAP and MAPPLOT

Haiping Zhao zhaoh01 at mcrcr.med.nyu.edu
Sun Mar 24 20:28:07 EST 1996

Philippe Dessen wrote:
> During training we have discover an uncdocumentated function in GCG :
> use of MAP or MAPPLOT with a protein sequence .
> Perfect !! production of a peptidic map with peptidic cleavage reagents.
> There is nothing in genhelp or paper doc ...

Conceptually, MAP, MAPPLOT, or MAPSORT programs can treat any sequences (DNA, protein, 
RNA, or whatever non-biological sequences if to the extreme) and find patterns or 
restriction sites (in cases of DNA or protein) using a user or pre-defined data file.
And this is the key feature of almost all GCG programs: no built-in 'hard' definition of 
input and output, and a program only represents an algorithm which can apply to variety 
of files (input or output, user-defined or pre-defined in GCG package).

Haiping Zhao
zhaoh01 at mcrcr.med.nyu.edu

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