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> Hello,
> I have a friend who would like to search the TFD database using a query
> sequence and obtain a listing of all possible transcription factors
> binding sites. We have tried downloading the TFD .dat files from a number
> of ftp sites, but what do we do with them?

Even though it is not mentioned in the help, the TFD database is in the
GCG release in the datafile format for the restriction enzyme site

You can use it as follows:

First find the file on your system with 

$ NAMES tfsites.dat

on our machine this gives:



then use this in any of the mapping programs. I find MAPPLOT is best,
though MAP and MAPSORT will work too.


This will then give a graphical output of the position of all the sites it

If you do this often, you may find it easier to FETCH the datafile to your
own directory.

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