Mac XWindows emulators.....

Dr.Greg Quinn jquinn at nntp.best.com
Thu Mar 14 18:24:24 EST 1996

Nick Staffa, ph 361-9422 ext226 (STAFFA at NIEHS.NIH.GOV) wrote:
: I said:
: >>This successfully brings up the WPI windows but does generate the
: >>message:
: >>
: >>X Toolkit Warning: Cannot convert string
: >>"-*-Menu-Medium-R-Normal--*-120-*-*-P-*-ISO8859-1" to....
: >>
: >>No one has ever been able to explain to me why these sorts of
: >>messages appear, or not appear.  I'd appreciate any comments or
: >>corrections.

: Thomas Zucker-Scharff said:
: >thats a font message detailing the font that was expected but could not be
: >found.

: With this profound information, let me re-phrase the question:
: Who is asking for this font and how can I make him stop it?
: Likewise when running eXodus, eXodus can't find Cornflower,Periwinkle, or
: OrangeYellow, but who is asking for these colors and how can I make him
: stop?

When you first fire up eXodus and WPI, it  stops with a message that it 
can't find Cornflower, Periwinkle and OrangeYellow. Just define those 
right then, and remember to save the settings (in the 'file' menu) and it 
doesn't give a problem again. I really like the Mac version, and the 
Windows version is excellent. 

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