Peptidic map with MAP and MAPPLOT

Philippe Dessen dessen at lovelace.infobiogen.fr
Thu Mar 14 05:04:35 EST 1996

During training we have discover an uncdocumentated function in GCG :
use of MAP or MAPPLOT with a protein sequence .
Perfect !! production of a peptidic map with peptidic cleavage reagents.
There is nothing in genhelp or paper doc ...


Map displays both strands of a DNA sequence with restriction sites shown
above the sequence and possible protein translations shown below.

 (Linear) MAP of what sequence ?  p:syecmt

                  Begin (* 1 *) ?
                End (*   677 *) ?  200

 Select the enzymes:  Type nothing or "*" to get all enzymes. Type "?"
 for help on which enzymes are available and how to select them.

                                       Enzyme(* * *):

 What should I call the output file (* syecmt.map *) ?  term
 (Linear) MAP of (Peptide): syecmt  check: 6231  from: 1  to: 200

P1;SYECMT - methionine--tRNA ligase (EC - Escherichia coli
N;Alternate names: methionyl-tRNA synthetase
C;Species: Escherichia coli
C;Date: 13-Jun-1983 #sequence_revision 30-Jun-1992 #text_change 03-Feb-1994
C;Accession: S14427; A91797; A91123; A01187
R;Dardel, F. . . .

 With 11 enzymes: *

                             March 14, 1996 10:59  ..

                       PC N         S      C  C      S  C         P
         C    TT   N   rh H       C t      h Th TCT  t  hN        r C
         n    rr   T   oy 2       n a      y ry rnr  a  yT        o n
         B    yy   C   Em O       B p      m ym yBy  p  mC        E B
         r    pp   B   no H       r h      o po prp  h  oB        n r
       1 ---------+---------+---------+---------+---------+---------+ 60

                  PS    S   S    C  C   C  C     SS     S  C    SN C
          T       rt C  tC  t    h  h   h  h     tt T   t  h T TtH h
          r       oa n  an  a    y  y   y  y     aa r   a  y r ra2 y
          y       Ep B  pB  p    m  m   m  m     pp y   p  m y ypO m
          p       nh r  hr  h    o  o   o  o     hh p   h  o p phH o
      61 ---------+---------+---------+---------+---------+---------+ 120

 Enzymes that do cut:

    Chymo     CnBr    NH2OH     NTCB    pH2.5    ProEn    Staph     Tryp

 Enzymes that do not cut:


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