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Chad Price cprice at molbio.unmc.edu
Thu Mar 7 11:49:56 EST 1996

Andy Law wrote:
> In article <4hid6k$rc2 at gazette.bcm.tmc.edu>, pburch at bcm.tmc.edu (Paula
> Burch) wrote:
>  >
>  >  Instead of just saying that WPI is ghastly, why not say *why* and
>  >  *for whom* it's ghastly? That would be useful. Just saying it's an
>  >  abomination, without any explanation of what about the package makes
>  >  you think this, is less than useful. The program might actually be
>  >  just the thing for the original poster, even if it doesn't suit you
>  >  at all.
>  >
> WPI is ghastly because (in its initial incarnation; things may have
> changed) it is not the slightest bit intuitive. The point of a graphical
> interface is that it should make things easier to do, not harder. I spent
> three-quarters of an hour one lunchtime trying to add multiple sequences
> to a work-list before finally sussing it out and I am not
> computer-illiterate.

Andy - I support GCG at a University Medical Center AND at another campus
which is a 'regular' university campus, so I support somewhere around
500 gcg users.  From an Administrator's point of
view, WPI is exceptionally GOOD.  THe number of questions about the real
basics of GCG I have to answer has decreased by a very large amount.

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