Mac XWindows emulators.....

Dr.Greg Quinn jquinn at nntp.best.com
Mon Mar 11 01:35:14 EST 1996

Chad Price (cprice at molbio.unmc.edu) wrote:
: Dr.Greg Quinn wrote:
: > 
: > Mr SMNN Faruque (s.faruque at umds.ac.uk) wrote:
: > : > eXodus from White Pine Software
: > 
: > : the demo of this was terrible.  Unlike eXodus (for MSWindows), all the
: > : X-Windows appeared inside a single Mac window and I couldn't seem to
: > : switch between X-Windows.
: > 
: > Set the window manager to run 'rootless mac windws' rather than the
: > default rooted, which is no use for wpi. I didn't think the demo was bad,

: Rootless motif is even better. On a Mac using rootless motif, it looks just like 
: it does on my Sun Console.  I couldn't ask for more.

: Just remember to allocate enough memory for it (I've set it to 16MB, and run up to
: 10 or more X-wondows using eXodus.)

: > but at $240 a pop, it's a bit expensive.

: If your institute has lots of users, try site licence.  It comes down to less than
: half that.

Actually a *lot* less than half of that; after writing that post, White 
Pine contacted me and it turns out sell that software to my university here 
at a really good price, making it extremely viable to load it onto many 

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