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> I've been testing eXodus 5.2 with WPI.
> Today I noticed that if I click functions/mutiple/pileup and get the pileup
> job setup window, then I click change to get some sequences, I see the MLW
> behind change and add its buttons at the bottom, but it does not come forward.
> Moreover, when I bring MLW forward and then click Apply selection and ret., it
> does not go back. I must send it to the back (nice of Wpine to have this 
> feature !-) ).  This behaviour is not unique to PileUp.
> Other windows seem to pop up and regress properly; save that sending a 
> window to the back doesn't make the one in front active.
> I've seen this running from VMS and from Digital Unix 3.2c.
> Have you seen this?
> Is there a setting in eXodus I have wrong? 


There is an option 'Allow client to raise windows' on the
Settings/Preferences menu. There are a number or other little
things to do to get it right, expecially fixing the fonts
in DecTerms...

Seriously, Exodus is to be preferred to MacX - my main objection
to MacX is that you can get well stuffed if you have a window larger
than the screen. Exodus gets round this with the Move Window command.
My other objections to macX are speed, font support and the fact
that it doesn't even run on some macs....mine in particular.

While we're on the subject of this thread...the advantage of wpi is
NOT to the poweruser/sysadmin type person, but to J Random User. In
my experience, they love it. In our case, we're trying to 
encourage its use to make the VMS-unix migration of 700 users this
year a little easier....


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