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Andy.Law at bbsrc.ac.uk (Andy Law) wrote:

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: > >  Any suggestions for the XWindows emulators for Macs to allow WPI access?
: >MacX (from Apple or APDA)
: >eXodus from White Pine Software
: >MachTen (a full blown UNIX) from Tenon
: >
: >WPI? Don't do it, it's ghastly!!

Slight tangent from the thread, but I would like to suggest HYGCGmenu,
a hypertext menu system that works thru VT100 with the arrow/cursor
keys, available by ftp: biomed.nus.sg:/pub/biocomp

Their blurb:

           | HYGCGmenu for Unix ...  Program Description  |

    * HYGCGmenu  is designed to assist you in reaching all of the
                 programs in the GCG Sequence Analysis Software Package.

    * HYGCGmenu  is designed specifically for novice users 
                 of the GCG package who have little or no experience
                 of mainframe computers or the Unix operating system.

    * HYGCGmenu  has options arranged in families of functions for convenience.

    * HYGCGmenu  works in conjunction with hypertext-like browser, HYBROW
                 and can be integrated with other HYBROW-compatible menus
                 for a wide range of biocomputing programs and packages
                 eg. PHYLIP, STADEN, etc. (Anonymous ftp from biomed.nus.sg)

    * A Unix directory browser option is also available 
    * For more information on the program, see the file READ.ME

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