Mac XWindows emulators.....

Mr SMNN Faruque s.faruque at umds.ac.uk
Tue Mar 5 13:02:21 EST 1996

Andy Law wrote:
> In article <4hfkm4$p3p at nntp1.best.com>, jquinn at nntp.best.com (Dr.Greg
> Quinn) wrote:
>  >  Any suggestions for the XWindows emulators for Macs to allow WPI access?
> MacX (from Apple or APDA)

What is this like?  Any comments

> eXodus from White Pine Software

the demo of this was terrible.  Unlike eXodus (for MSWindows), all the 
X-Windows appeared inside a single Mac window and I couldn't seem to 
switch between X-Windows.

> MachTen (a full blown UNIX) from Tenon

Is this a good idea, and how about Linux?

> WPI? Don't do it, it's ghastly!!

I don't disagree, but us text-terminal users do feel like we're missing 
out on all the facilities given to X users on many servers.


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