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> >  Any suggestions for the XWindows emulators for Macs to allow WPI access?
>MacX (from Apple or APDA)
>eXodus from White Pine Software
>MachTen (a full blown UNIX) from Tenon
>WPI? Don't do it, it's ghastly!!

To elaborate a bit on Andy Law's comments:

I use eXodus, and it works pretty well.  I agree that WPI is pretty much
an abomination (whew, that's a bit harsh).  Steve Smith, the developer of
GDE, the Genetic Data Environment, is now working for GCG and it appears
that WPI in its next incarnation will me more GDE-like in implementation. 
This should be a big plus, if you can wait 6-9 months.  

In the meantime, my advice is to try to find a X-terminal and try out WPI
before buying an X emulator.  If you are a power-GCG user already, it
might be of some help.  If not spend a few days (weeks?) trying to learn
the command line interface for GCG.  You'll need to know how it works if
you are going use WPI.
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