Scripts for automating blasts

Francois Jeanmougin pingouin at .u-strasbg.fr
Thu Jun 20 08:51:28 EST 1996

In article <4q9lc6$po0 at master.ftn.net>,
	gordonm at Adenine.Neither_Here.Nor.There (Gordon MacPherson) writes:
> Does anyone have any scripts which automate blast searches with large numbers
>of sequence files?
	cadeau :

source /us1/user/pingouin/.cshrc

foreach file (`cat liste`)
        echo $file
        blast $file genembl -batch -def 
	replace the path for your .cshrc file after the word source.
	create a list with all the sequence names  (one per line) and call
	it "liste" according to the script. Add your options or let the
	-def options. You can change blast by another gcg programm.

WARNING : This will work only if you start GCG in your .cshrc. Else, add
a line to start gcg.

						Hope this help,
Francois Jeanmougin
Service de bioinformatique / bioinformatic service
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