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>Shifting focus to the MacIntosh:
>In eXodus, the default cursor in the Main List Window is a big ugly "X".
>We have managed to get that to be a left pointing arrow by specifying
>the default cursor font to be decw$cursor. 
>This is a lot better than the X cursor, but, tho it points to the left,
>it does so at a 45 degree angle which gives a rather flaccid look and feel to 
>operations in the main window.   What designation of default cursor would
>restore the proper angle to the arrow?
	I don't know which version of eXodus you use, but I never see
such cursor. Try to make eXodus run as Sun Rootless (if you connect
to a sun), and in the screen editor menu, use the motif like
windows appearance, this can help, perhaps.


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