Fasta 3.0 and GCG 9 ??

Peter Rice pmr at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Jul 3 03:56:19 EST 1996

In article <1996Jun30.145836 at uctvms.uct.ac.za> jrees at uctvms.uct.ac.za writes:
>I'm just reading the latest GCG newsletter, and notice that GCG 9 will
>have Fasta 2.0 included. Now, at the same time I'm reading Bill
>Pearson posting that he has Fasta 3.0 available. Is there any chance
>that we could hope for Fasta 3.0 to be included instead of Fasta 2.0
>please? (Yes I know all about the timeframes, that why I'm asking now,
>not in 6 months time!)

Well, I can't promise to do it, but I can promise to try including
it in EGCG 9.0 (which means doing it as part of the conversion to
GCG 9.0 when the first versins appear).

I can't put too much effort into fasta3 because I assume GCG will be
doing it some time too, and I have other programs I have already
promised to slip in (including others from Bill Pearson). However,
if I can figure out what changes GCG made to 2.0 then it could be
not too tough...
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