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Sun Jan 21 17:14:33 EST 1996

In article <310011A3.6966FC4C at mackiller.llnl.gov>, Chris Barry <chbarry at mackiller.llnl.gov> writes:
> Is there a good introductory book for GCG? I mean easy step-by-step.
> Thanks in advance.

The BioCompanion is the document you need. :-) This is a document we have 
prepared for our users here and they like it. The BioCompanion features the 
basics of an operating system, trouble shooting, the prerequisites and a 
full-fledged GCG introduction with some methodological background information.
Both  VMS and UNIX, as well as versions of the BioCompanion for GCG-only and 
additional software (such as EGCG, SRS, etc.) have been prepared and are 
up-to-date with GCG release 8.1, EGCG 8.0, SRS 4.08, etc. The HTML version is,
as announced in December 1995, at http://www.ch.embnet.org/survival 
(shareware). There is also a printed version available on request. 

Reinhard Doelz 

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