SRS3_1 and Alpha

Christoph Gartmann GARTMANN at IMMUNBIO.MPG.DE
Fri Jan 19 11:58:20 EST 1996

In <4dnv9b$pd9 at soleil.uvsq.fr> risler at genetique.uvsq.fr writes:

> Here is my problem: some time ago I ran SRS3_1 (VT100 version) on a VMS 
> box. Now I've switched to an Alpha box under Digital Unix. I installed 
> SRS4_06 (the Web version) OK.
> However, I would like to install also the old SRS version. For 2 reasons:
> - in some cases I prefer the old version, for manipulating lists of 
>   sequences for example
> - but also because the Web version is not that practical when you use it 
>   from a Mac or a PC: the files that you save are saved onto your micro, 
>   then you have to ftp the stuff onto the server to use it from GCG .. or 
>   write the IDs on a sheet of paper and then fetch the entries.
> - Thus I think that, if you use GCG by connecting to the server through  
>   Telnet with a VT100 emulation (many people can't afford X-terminals) 
>   the old SRS version is still useful.

Right, that's why I hesitated to switch to SRS4_08 (the newest version).
Now I did it because of two reasons:
- SRS4_08 allows you to create the database indices separately which is useful
  because of the rapidly increasing size of the nucleotide databases.
- There is SRSCURS by Gijs Schaftenaar, a VT100 interface for SRS similar to
  SRS V3.1 .
The disadvantages: SRS4_08 uses more system resources during the indexing
compared to SRS V3.1 and SRSCURS is relatively slow because it runs under
a TCL interpreter.
> Well, now my question: I can't succeed in installing SRS3_1 under OSF. 
> "SRSSECTION" ends with a core dump. Has anyone out there been more 
> successful? Is there a trick?

Perhaps you should give SRSCURS a try?

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