SRS3_1 and Alpha

J-L. Risler risler at genetique.uvsq.fr
Fri Jan 19 06:28:43 EST 1996

Dear colleagues,

This mail to this group because I hate bothering Thure Etzold with stupid 

Here is my problem: some time ago I ran SRS3_1 (VT100 version) on a VMS 
box. Now I've switched to an Alpha box under Digital Unix. I installed 
SRS4_06 (the Web version) OK.
However, I would like to install also the old SRS version. For 2 reasons:
- in some cases I prefer the old version, for manipulating lists of 
  sequences for example
- but also because the Web version is not that practical when you use it 
  from a Mac or a PC: the files that you save are saved onto your micro, 
  then you have to ftp the stuff onto the server to use it from GCG .. or 
  write the IDs on a sheet of paper and then fetch the entries.
- Thus I think that, if you use GCG by connecting to the server through  
  Telnet with a VT100 emulation (many people can't afford X-terminals) 
  the old SRS version is still useful.

Well, now my question: I can't succeed in installing SRS3_1 under OSF. 
"SRSSECTION" ends with a core dump. Has anyone out there been more 
successful? Is there a trick?

Thanks for your help,

Jean-Loup RISLER
risler at genetique.uvsq.fr
Universite de Versailles
45 Avenue des Etats-Unis
78035 Versailles Cedex  France

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