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In article <312B5932.7030 at purdue.edu>, Rick Westerman <westerm at purdue.edu>

> > What program should I use in GCG if I want to calculate molecular weight
> > of some nucleotide sequence? (for example oligo)
> I have defined a symbol called "peptideweight" (for VMS):
> For the UNIX version you could define an appropriate symbol or just run 
> the PeptideSort program manually.
> As an aside to Peter: Telling a person to run a program that they don't 
> have (e.g. "nip") isn't very useful.

Equally, it is not particularly helpful to suggest using Peptidesort to
calculate the MW of a nucleotide sequence.

A good approximation for the MW of nucleotides is 330 per base, or 660 per
base-pair for d.s. DNA.  That should be OK for most purposes.


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