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Ellis Golub ellis at biochem.dental.upenn.edu
Fri Feb 16 10:12:55 EST 1996

In article <01I18STTYV6A8YAFL8 at VAX.CS.HSCSYR.EDU>, MITCHELD at VAX.CS.HSCSYR.EDU (Dave Mitchell) writes:
|> Although some GCG graphic programs create HPGL files that can be transferred 
|> to the PC and loaded into CorelDraw, others don't seem to work so well.  In 
|> particular, dotplots of data generated by COMPARE end up with all of the 
|> individual points connected by lines when imported into Corel.  Does anyone 
|> know of a way around this?

It looks like the problem is in the way DOTPLOT creates the HPGL file.  If you look at
the file, you'll see that the instructions force the plotter (or Corel) to 
draw lines.  Perhaps someone at GCG will take a look at this and comment.

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