graphic output on a PC

Fri Feb 16 12:00:32 EST 1996

Some suggestions:

Typically the *.pnt files generated by gcg are ascII text that can be
parsed in Excel and then replotted using a favorite graphing program. 

The other possibility is find out how to turn off the "connect the data" 
option in the scatter diagram option panel for corel.

> In article <01I18STTYV6A8YAFL8 at VAX.CS.HSCSYR.EDU>, MITCHELD at VAX.CS.HSCSYR.EDU (Dave Mitchell) writes:
> |> Although some GCG graphic programs create HPGL files that can be transferred 
> |> to the PC and loaded into CorelDraw, others don't seem to work so well.  In 
> |> particular, dotplots of data generated by COMPARE end up with all of the 
> |> individual points connected by lines when imported into Corel.  Does anyone 
> |> know of a way around this?
> It looks like the problem is in the way DOTPLOT creates the HPGL file.  If you look at
> the file, you'll see that the instructions force the plotter (or Corel) to 
> draw lines.  Perhaps someone at GCG will take a look at this and comment.
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