To see and print GCG's graphy in PC computer

Amin Abujoub abujouba at pilot.msu.edu
Wed Feb 14 00:42:56 EST 1996

The best program to use with a Pc is called EM340W VT-340 Terminal Emulator, Version 
3.12,  This emulator is user friendly, it has different options.  You can change the 
setup easly in such a way that you can view  colored graphics on the screen and you 
can easly print these graphics. We recently bought this software from 
Diversified Computer System Inc.
3775 Iris. Ave. 
Suite 1B
Boulder, CO 80301

Phone # : (303) 447-9251
Fax # : (303) 447-1406.

Thsi software costs $150 with educational discount.

If you need any help, you can email me at

abujouba at pilot.msu.edu

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