marc colet marc at dec5
Fri Feb 2 06:29:11 EST 1996

Release 1.02 is now available. Many things haven been changed between 1.01 and 1

I think that a error message like:
"Error: HTTPd: malformed header from script "
when one install www2gcg is no more possible! (this is not a constitutional stat
-html pages from programs are more good looking.
-lookup program is usable
-output files are now accessible from a  "TEXTAREA"
  so that there are editable, scrollable and may be renamed
-when optional, batch is immediately selectable

If you have installed version 1.01 or earlier, 1.02 may be installed without hav
ing to erase anything, but save your local modifs.
Sorry for VMS people but I have no time to work on the portage this days!

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