prettybox binaries for gcg9ft

Rick Westerman westerm at purdue.edu
Fri Dec 13 09:25:13 EST 1996

> Anyone got them??  We built the release without including prettybox and we
> want to add it without recompiling from source.  If there is another way,
> suggestions are always welcome.

You mean Prettybox doesn't run "out of the box" on GCG v.9? Ouch! We had
to revise the program between version 7 and 8 -- I was hoping that would
be the last revision. 

Until the EGCG people or myself get v.9 you may be out of luck unless
you can re-compile from the source.

-- Rick

Original author of PrettyBox; authorship is now part of the EGCG package

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