Fig2java: converts GCG figure files to Java source codes.

Nobuyuki Miyajima miyajima at kazusa.or.jp
Tue Dec 10 11:30:14 EST 1996

Dear colleagues,

I'd like to introduce you a new GCG tool,  Fig2java.
Please take a look at:


Fig2Java -- converts GCG figure files to Java source codes and tgif obj files.

 Fig2Java 1.0 (written in perl5) converts the output of GCG (Genetics Computer 
Group) figure files into two formats. One is the William Chia-Wei Cheng's(UCLA)
 tgif readable obj files and the other is the Java source codes, which  can 
further be enhanced in a number of  ways, e.g., generating the java-imagemap
 by Jim Graham's(Sun MycroSystem) ImageMap utility. 
Some features supported in GCG figure, such as drawing strings along a curve,
 draw special chars, are not supported in the current version.

Nobuyuki Miyajima
Kazusa DNA Research Institute
Department of Genome Informatics,
E-mail:  miyajima at kazusa.or.jp

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