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Aengus Stewart aengus.stewart at bbsrc.ac.uk
Thu Aug 22 12:47:18 EST 1996

Peter Rice wrote:
> In article <3211DDB7.5D62 at bbsrc.ac.uk> Aengus Stewart <aengus.stewart at bbsrc.ac.uk> writes:

> For the current release of EMBL there is no entry hs00001
> but the effect is shown by, for example,  entry hs00000a1.

Ah you spotted the deliberate mistake!
Of course hs00001 is in NEWEMBL not EMBL.
Fav test sequence at the mo. hs00001=aa000001 (first long acc num)

> Double vision? Make sure you don't put anything in the file twice
> otherwise FETCH will find entries twice when using this method
> (but only once when you provide the database name).

I sorted the gendata.fil file out.  I knew it had to be nose sitting.
Regarding the above comment you mean if I have for example em_est10 on 15 lines
I get 15 copies?

If this is true I could have fun with the users............
I especially dont like that new GENBANK division give everybody a few hundred copies
of anything with GSS on the end!

An addition.

I was under the impression that accession numbers were unique across both protein and DNA
but today completely at random I selected A25909 and pulled entries from embl and PIR.

I take it that acc nums are only unique within one type of sequence?


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