FAS/WPI solved

David Womble dwomble at cmb.biosci.wayne.edu
Thu Aug 8 07:32:40 EST 1996

I Wrote:

> What am I doing wrong?

Turns out I wasn't doing anything wrong, just discovered a bug in the 
FAS when run under WPI.  Gelmerge will not merge when run in batch under
WPI.  Since I have all programs that crank the CPU set to run automatically
in batch, that was my problem.  Gelmerge runs fine under WPI in the 
background, which is the workaround in 8.x.  This is reportedly fixed for 
version 9.0, coming around the 1st of next year.

Thanks much to the nice folks at GCG who helped me solve this problem 
(Irv and Michael).


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