blosum matrices in GCG format?

Stephane Vuilleumier svuilleu at micro.biol.ethz.ch
Mon Aug 5 13:11:22 EST 1996

I am looking for a set of amino acid substitution matrices formatted for GCG 
8 / unix version. Locally I have Blosum62.cmp and pam250.cmp. I would like to
have more, especially blosum50... does anyone have these matrices in the format
I want?
Thanks a lot in advance,


Stephane Vuilleumier
Mikrobiologisches Institut
ETH-Zurich                  Tel:   (+41) 1 632 33 57
ETH-Zentrum/LFV             Fax:   (+41) 1 632 11 48
8092 Zurich                 email: svuilleu at micro.biol.ethz.ch
Switzerland                 http://www.micro.biol.ethz.ch/sv1.htm

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