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Fri Aug 2 19:13:37 EST 1996

Paul Roy (proy at rsvs.ulaval.ca) wrote:
:  Dear GCGers:
:      Unfortunately due to budgetary constraints I will be unable to make
: it for the GCG users' focus meeting.  I hope someone reading this can
: bring up the following points at the discussion session:

: 1)  I have never liked WPI, chiefly because of the klunky X-terminal
: emulators.  Since not all users have a Sun workstation at their disposal,
: how about native-Mac and native-PC configurations?  Alternatively, html
: forms pages usable with Netscape Navigator.

Check out Martin Sengers absolutely astonishing Javascript-based http
access to GCG; It runs likes a dream and includes graphics.

My guess is that Version10.0 will bring local GDE-like clients (for PC and
Macs) for GCG, which I gather are being looked at. Check out Don Gilbert's
SeqPup which is a local (Mac/PC/UNIX) client which sends out 'jobs' to
GCG and holds a stunning amount of potential in the 'bop' server usage. 

:      I'll keep an open mind about the GUI; I have seen a little of GDE and
: it looks like a vast improvement.  But I won't be using WPI in my courses
: until it becomes SeqLab.


: 5)  The protein secondary structure prediction section is showing its age
: and shells to modern methods, i.e. ProteinPredict, would be useful.

I agree, maybe someone might like to contribute something to GCG along
these lines?

: 7)  Can the EGCG programs be fully integrated into GCG like FOLDRNA and
: FASTA have been?  Many EGCG's simply add extra command line switches.
: Others, like TPROFILESEARCH, have been very useful but getting them
: installed and reconfiguring their parameters is not always easy.

I agree


: 9)  In summary, more emphasis on implementing new sequence analysis
: algorithms rather than on the GUI is necessary.

I think an emphasis on program updating *and* a vastly better gui client 
is required

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