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Fri Aug 2 16:43:08 EST 1996

Sorry I use REPLY to post my message 'cause I don't find the right wasy 
to do it.

I was working on two sequences which are supposed to coding DNA-binding 
protein. So I tried to look for helix-turn-helix motif in those two ORFs. 
Is there any way to do it?

Shuqiu CHENG

Chengs1 at tiger.uofs.edu

On 24 Jul 1996, David Iain Greig wrote:

> Damon Harvey (dharvey at FRUITFLY.BERKELEY.EDU) wrote:
> : Our lab recently stopped using the GCG because the new Sun/Solaris
> : station will not support it.
> : Is there a way to acess GCG via our campus server?
> Eh?  I've got GCG running on Solaris 2.5 on a Sparc 5.  Do you mean
> you have an ULTRASparc and 2.5.1 doesn't support it?  I don't believe
> it, but I'll go install GCG for a test on an ULTRA upstairs just
> to find out...
> Anyone out there already using an ULTRA?  Boggle...
> --D.
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