[ANNOUNCE] DBWatcher 2.00b - BLAST Client

Frederic PLEWNIAK plewniak at igbmc.u-strasbg.fr
Thu Aug 1 05:36:49 EST 1996

Hello Bionetters,

I am glad to announce that DBWatcher can now be run as a client of the
NCBI BLAST Server for remote searches and doesn't require locally
databases nor local Blast programs anymore.

You may continue to use it locally though if you wish as it is fully 
compatible with jobs created for previous versions.

Should I remind you that DBWatcher is a program handling  periodic BLAST 
searches to find similarities to your own sequences.  It  keeps  track
of the previous searches and only performs new ones when necessary
(i.e. when the database has been updated, the sequence has been
modified, or when settings have been changed).

Only  novel  similarities are reported, thus saving the time of browsing
through bulky result files.  When executed daily (as a cron job) it
ensures that you are informed as soon as new sequences similar to yours
are incorporated into a given database. 

Results are sent by electronic mail to one or several addresses.

You can download the sources from :


For more information you may have a look at :


or write to me at :

      plewniak at igbmc.u-strasbg.fr

As this is still a beta version which was developped for Solaris
(tested on Solaris 2.5) I would be most grateful if you could let
me know how it works (or does not work) at your site.

Best regards,

Strasbourg - France

PS: Many thanks to Tom Madden from NCBI for his help in developping
    the Client portions of the program.

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