internet DNA sequence analysis

NAME gmckenzie at ivory.trentu.ca
Tue Sep 26 12:33:13 EST 1995

I am a 4th yr undergrad at a small Canadian Univ. that is taking a Compt. Sci course whose premise is to use the net to solve an academic que. With my background in Mol. Bio.& Genetics I thought of taking a nucleic acid sequence and doinghomology, seq. alignments phyology and get some inferences in regards to secondary and tertiary structure that would enable on to make an inference about function. The problem I have is how to logically map out a strategy to do this.
I have use of Unix machines as well as workstations to run Rasmol etc.
Does anyone have any protocols they normally follow when attempting this?
Any information would be greatly appreciated as I want to attend grad school
in computational DNA seq. analysis and this would give one a head start.
My e-mail is: GMCkenzie at trentu.ca

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