Vax/VMS get_gbnew

Nick Staffa, ph 361-9422 ext226 STAFFA at NIEHS.NIH.GOV
Fri Sep 15 09:18:10 EST 1995

Since Version 8.1 my Get_gbnew for VMS on Vax gets me only
2**15 - 1 sequences.  In the log, genbanktogcg reports having processed
many more sequences than actually exist, e.g.
    Input Entries: 92,545
   Output Entries: 92,545
while seqcat reports  Entries: 32,767. As far as I can tell there are 
only 32767 available after processing, so says the numbers and names files. 
However, my UNIX version seems to be doing ok and reports Input Entries: 51,865
 for 14 Sept.

Does anyone else out there get these results?
Is there anyone left running VMS?

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