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R.Doelz,Biocomputing Basel;+41 61 267 22 47 doelz at ubaclu.unibas.ch
Mon Sep 11 21:52:09 EST 1995

In article <9509042328.AA13569 at borduas.nlm.nih.gov>, francis at NCBI.NLM.NIH.GOV writes:
> Last week Angelos announced the availability of his program:
>>       The EXPLORA software described in the
>>       Kalogeropoulos (1995) Yeast, 11, 555-565 and
>>       Fondrat and Kalogeropoulos (1994) Cur. Genet., 25, 396-406
>> is now available by anonymous FTP at the following sites:
>> ftp.infobiogen.fr in /pub/explora
>> ftp.citi2.fr      in /pub/bio/expora
>>       There is two versions of the software: one for VMS users and one
>> for Unix/Solaris users. A README file is also offered.
> I think it might be of interest to the readers of this group, so I attached the 
> README from the FTP site.  Also note that this program runs well under Solaris 2.3 
> and 2.4.

We have made a client/server setup for this software to have the client run 
as program in the GCG package, on all GCG-supported platforms, under WPI
if you like. This allows internet users to access EXPLORA from arbitrary
hosts on the internet. Details and source code for the client is on 
ftp://ftp.switch.ch/mirror/embnet-ch/bioftp-sw/ in the explora directory.
Screen trace of the text version is appended below.

Reinhard Doelz
BioComputing Basel

% explora

EXPLORA predicts various features of yeast DNA sequences. It was written by
Angelos KALOGEROPOULOS, Centre Universitaire d'Orsay, France. The program
runs via the Hierarchical Access System for Sequence Libraries in Europe
(HASSLE, (C) BioComputing Basel 1995).

 Explora with what query sequence ?  genembl:scchriii

 What should I call the output file (* Scchriii.explora *) ?

 Did you already receive documentation (* yes *) ?

--- HASSLE version D5-0-1 (95/07/25) (C) BioComputing Basel 1995
INFO: Attempting to connect to host BIOA.EMBNET.UNIBAS.CH
NOTE: BIOA.EMBNET.UNIBAS.CH is used as provider
INFO: Asking for access as Doelz COMMLINE
INFO: Attempting to connect to host MICROBE.BIOZ.UNIBAS.CH
NOTE: MICROBE.BIOZ.UNIBAS.CH is used as provider
INFO: Asking for access as Doelz COMMLINE
INFO: Recognized 803 credit units
INFO: Asking for service GENE2
INFO: Received reference communication number 15005
INFO: Received queue position 6, 10 minutes per job
NOTE: Listening for result on port 15005
NOTE: Wrote hassle3116.readme
NOTE: Wrote Scchriii.explora

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