Combining chopup and reformat?

Guochun Xie xie at splicer.adfa.oz.au
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>>> Can anyone tell me of a way to combine chopup and reformat commands in
>>> GCG?  What I'm looking for is perhaps a way to define a command that
>>> would take as an argument a filename, run this through chopup, and
>>> pass the output to reformat, resulting in a GCG format file.
>Two questions
>1) I use GCG on unix platform. I'm not proficient w/ unix, but could
>someone knowledgable post how to accomplish the above?
  You can use a shell script to do this. The following is an example:
-----Beginning of chopup_reformat.csh ---------
source /home6/gcg/gcgstartup
chopup  -default -out=$1 $1
reformat $1
-----End of chopup_reformat.csh ---------
Given a sequence file named myseq.seq, you can use "chopup_reformat.csh
myseq.seq" to chopup and reformat the sequence.

I do not use the above approach because it deals only with one sequence
at a time and every execution of the script involves initializing GCG.

I wrote a Perl script which takes a list of sequence files (one line per
sequence file) and convert them to FASTA format. After that, you can
use the "fromfasta" command in GCG to convert the sequences into GCG

If you are interested, I can e-mail  you my Perl script.
>2) I did not realize that I could put piping instructions on the GCG
>command line. Could someone provide a couple examples of the proper
>syntax? (eg. using reformat to create "file.seq" then pipe to the map
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