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HASSLE has been completely redesigned to feature a  structured  application
programmer's interface (API) and to comply with the scientist's preferences 
for generic graphical user interfaces on the Mac and PC. The layered design 
has been implemented in ANSI C, using  the  NCBI toolbox  and the IBM class 
library user interface (ICLUI) for the graphical user interface (GUI) on PC, 
Mac, and Motif/DecWindows platforms. 'Software  inspection' was applied for 
quality control:  The written code  was independently  reread and  compared
with the design specification,paired with extensive documentation.HASSLE v5 
runs on most UNIX flavours, various flavours of IP implementations  on VMS, 
Windows 3.x, MacOS, and OS/2. Major authors of HASSLE v5 are F.Eggenberger, 
R.Doelz and N.Redaschi. 

Excellent documentation is available via WWW and in printed form. 


Installation, User, Maintainer, Programmer Manual: 

A comprehensive set of tools,based on HASSLE v5 and integrated with the GCG
(Genetics Computer Group) interface, has been released as well. The collec-
tion covers EXPLORA (Angelos Kalogeropoulos,  Centre Universitaire d'Orsay, 
France), GENEFINDER programs (main author  Victor  Solovyev,  Department of 
Cell Biology, Baylor College of Medicine and access to the MPsrch software,
running  on the powerful 4096-processor MasPar Computer of Basel University 
using MPsrch (C) University of Edinburgh, distributed by Intelligenetics.
Note that a  previous  announcement of services run via HASSLE covered  the 
FastAlert service which is available via anonymous ftp as well.
This release of HASSLE tools does not yet  include the SRS interface but an
announcement will separately be issued later. 
Main  authors of HASSLE v5 tools are F.Eggenberger, R.Doelz, N.Redaschi and 

More details: 

We would like to thank all who support this facility,including the Schweize-
rische  Nationalfonds,  the   Bundesamt   fuer  Bildung  und Wissenschaften, 
Basel University, the Universitaetsrechenzentrum  Basel, hard- and software 
vendors, sponsors of EMBnet Switzerland, and numerous colleagues in academia.
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