Combining chopup and reformat?

Michael Myers myersm at rockvax.rockefeller.edu
Wed Oct 25 16:43:31 EST 1995

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>In <DGxDo0.Lu9 at argo.net> mcoyne at argo.net writes:
>> Can anyone tell me of a way to combine chopup and reformat commands in
>> GCG?  What I'm looking for is perhaps a way to define a command that
>> would take as an argument a filename, run this through chopup, and
>> pass the output to reformat, resulting in a GCG format file.

Two questions
1) I use GCG on unix platform. I'm not proficient w/ unix, but could
someone knowledgable post how to accomplish the above?

2) I did not realize that I could put piping instructions on the GCG
command line. Could someone provide a couple examples of the proper
syntax? (eg. using reformat to create "file.seq" then pipe to the map

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