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> From: Chris Barry <chbarry at mackiller.llnl.gov>
> To: "bionet.software.gcg mail newsgroup" <bionet-news at dl.ac.uk>
> Subject: macintosh
> What is the best way to xhost to GCG from a macintosh? Is it possible? I tried
> macx and it doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
> in advance.
> Chris Barry
I am using eXodus to login in a Sun SparcStation running GCG under Solaris 2.4.
It works very well, either with the command line version of GCG (8.1) or with
the graphics interface WPI.
Before getting this program I used MacX with no problem. What do you mean by
"it doesn't seem to work"? 
eXodus is a commercial product from White Pine. You can e-mail to
	support at wpine.com

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