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John Wm. Tobias tobias at mbcrr.harvard.edu
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Hi Andrew,

What you need to do is specify that you are interested in the reverse of
your sequence while you are in the list view.  Double click on you
sequence in the list and adjust the direction, range and linear/circular
in the top part of the window.  After applying and closing the sequence
view window, you will see your selections reflected in the list view. 
Then, if you run bestfit or anything else, your choices will be used. 
Note that if you want to choose many orientations or ranges of a sequence,
you can save each different set of parameters as a new item in your active
list (this is a button at the bottom of the sequence view window).

Good Luck,
John Tobias

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> The above return address is incorrect...I hadn't changed the address!!
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>          please reply!!
>         Thanks again!!
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