vax-to-mac graphic output

alan john williams alanjohn at galaxy.ucr.edu
Fri Nov 10 12:32:23 EST 1995

I found a program off of one of the gcg web pages that will show and 
print gcg figure files on the mac.  The program is written by the 
gcg people, I think.  If you can't find it then let me know and I will 
dig up where I got it from.

: In article <glux-0911951208530001 at>,
: Structural Neurobiology Lab <glux at msvax.mssm.edu> wrote:
: >Dear GCGer's-
: >
: >I could not find this in the latest FAQ.
: >I want to plot out RNA secondary structure and 
: >it was run with the folding programs, but i want to 
: >output it on the mac where i can put labels and highlights.
: >without using the POSTSCRIPT command, is there a way it
: >will 'draw' the output on the mac platform.
: >there was a simple command 5 years ago, that is now lost.
: >
: >thanks 
: >
: >marc

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