WWW2GCG beta testers please...

Marc Colet mcolet at ben.vub.ac.be
Wed May 31 11:01:46 EST 1995

The version beta_2.2 of WWW2GCG is now publically available. Of course, it is
hopeless to try to do something with it if you don't have a licence for GCG.
Unix boxes are only concerned (sorry for VMS users)
You must have GCG version 8, and an httpd 1.3 server.
It is imperative to compile some GCG code, so you must have a fortran 
compiler able to do that, which seems not possible for example with 
Solaris !

What is new from version 2.1:
- There is an elementary working list editor.
- Selecting working directory and working list is done in the main html page
so that every GCG program, selected after that, uses the current working 
- Batch execution seems no longer bugged (for the present version, the batch 
parameter is the last one in the options list, it will be more easily 
available in a next release).

You can get WWW2GCG at :
dec5.ulb.ac.be by anonymous ftp
in /pub/unix/bio/www2gcg directory
Marc Colet

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