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Mon May 29 16:46:25 EST 1995

In article <koraimann.121.0010D98B at bkfug.kfunigraz.ac.at>, koraimann at bkfug.kfunigraz.ac.at (Dr. G. Koraimann) writes:
> We are currently using GCG 8 running on a Alpha AXP Server. Since this server 
> also fullfills other purposes we want to transfer the program onto a machine 
> that is devoted to GCG and sequence analysis programs only. Therefore, once 
> again, the question concerning the platform on which GCG programs run best 
> arises. Does anyone out ther have any ideas or suggestions whether VMS or UNIX 
> is a better choice for GCG ?

I think the comfort of your users and the nature of your other sequence
analysis software are more important factors here than the differences in the
way GCG operates under various OSs.  I use GCG under VMS and under Solaris, and
the functionality available in each place is more or less equal.  IMHO, the
feel of GCG is closer to VMS conventions, so one might argue that the overall
environment is more consistent under VMS wrt command syntax, logical names,
etc., but this is more a point of style than of capability.

Charles Bailey  bailey at genetics.upenn.edu

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