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vitor warwar vwarwar at unlinfo.unl.edu
Sat May 27 08:33:44 EST 1995

Xiao-Ru.Wang (Xiao-Ru.Wang at genfys.slu.se) wrote:
: Hi GCG users,

: I have retrieved 5 DNA sequences from GenBank and would like to aligne them
: with the GCG PileUp. Could anyone enlighten me at how to prepare the input
: file to run PileUP?  Thank you very much!

: Xiao-Ru Wang

     Dear Xiao:

     Follow these stepes:

     1- Reformat your sequence to GCG format 
     	Use the command reformat. If you do not know how to do that, 
     	check genhelp reformat.

     2. Write a file with the name of your sequences in GCG format. 
     	For example, if you have sequence a, b, and c; write a file
     	like that:


     3. Suppose the name of the above file is mysequences. Type:

     	pileup @mysequences

     That's it. E-mail me if you have any question.


: xiao-ru.wang at genfys.slu.se
     Vitor Warwar / 406 Plant Sciences Hall / University of Nebraska
     Lincoln NE 68593-0722 / USA / vwarwar at unlinfo.unl.edu

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